Simplifying leadership, governance
and management

Leaders use the unique Perendie platform to define what they think the organisation should deliver in future, which may include new services or new ways of delivering current services.

The consequent business model is used to reassure potential investors that the organisation will continue to a going concern, and to invite successive levels of the organisation to say what they will produce, do and employ to contribute to the future outcomes.

Anyone who can’t contribute is redundant, and their total cost can be saved, reducing expenditure.

The business model is also used to challenge and stop current products and processes which don’t deliver the required outcomes, further reducing expenditure.

The platform reduces cost further by automating the automatable aspects of leadership, governance and management, minimising meetings, emails, reports and bureaucracy.

The process has consistently identified savings of up to 20%

The platform increases productivity by

• allowing any stakeholder to volunteer to contribute to any outcomes, releasing hidden talent; and

• enabling an outcome customer to change a target, activity, resource or budget at the touch of a button.

The platform shows any stakeholder what everyone is producing and likely to produce which motivates ethical delivery because people strive to succeed and avoid the embarrassment of visible failure or misbehaviour.


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