Simplifying leadership, governance
and management

The unique digital Perendie platform ® automates the automatable aspects of leadership, governance and management.

It increases productivity by enabling people to achieve their full potential, by motivating and enabling them to achieve the outcomes they’ve committed to, and by minimising meetings, emails and reports.

It reduces cost by stopping current processes and products which don’t deliver the required outcomes, by identifying people and other resources which aren’t contributing to the strategic outcomes, and by reducing bureaucracy.

It implements strategy by aligning everyone and everything around the corporate goals.


The Perendie logo at the top of the page takes you to information about Perendie.

The Solutions page describes how the Perendie platform ® meets leadership, governance and management objectives.

The Products page describes the constituents of the Perendie platform ®.

The Demonstration page links to a video of a draft application of the platform to HSBC and a form on which to apply for a draft application to your organisation.

The Sitemap at the bottom of the page contains an index and links to all topics on the website.