Perendie Business Management System ®

The Perendie Business Management System ® is a unique digital platform which provides a single joined-up view of everything an organisation is aiming and likely to achieve, do and employ, releases resource for front-line delivery, increases productivity and effectiveness and saves time and money by automating the automatable aspects of leadership, governance and management.

The system provides:

  • Integration – everything the organisation needs to produce, do and employ, financially and non-financially, is related and displayed for all stakeholders;
  • Inclusion – everyone is empowered and required to say what they will measurably contribute to the organisation, and how they will deliver it;
  • Transparency – any stakeholder, internally and externally, can see what everyone intends to employ, do and deliver, and their progress;
  • Predictability – the causes of success are identified and the probability of people achieving their outcomes is predicted.

The system provides leaders with a fast and efficient way of communicating their strategy. Successive levels of the organisation are invited to say what they will contribute to the delivery of the strategic outcomes, what they will need to do to achieve the outcomes they have therefore committed to deliver, and what resources they therefore will need to employ.

This gives the whole workforce the chance to fulfil their potential, a ladder they can climb and a career they can develop; and creates one team, overcoming divisions. It also leads people to challenge their current deliverables, ways of working and resourcing, stimulating innovation and reducing cost.

Anyone can see what everyone intends to employ, do and deliver, and their progress, increasing the visibility of peoples’ behaviour and performance, and motivating delivery.

The system explicitly and transparently links remuneration to the delivery of outcomes, and measures delivery objectively, valuing everyone for what they contribute and reducing opportunities for prejudice and bias.

The system identifies the causes of success and predicts the probability of failure in time for people to take preventive action, improving outcomes by prevention rather than cure, helping delivery and saving money.

The system releases resource for front-line delivery and reduces bureaucracy by using artificial intelligence to automate the automatable aspects of leadership, governance and management.